Winning With Simple, Proven Ideas

Your intelligence is a gift to solve problems on behalf of the people God has called you to serve. Your intelligence is the machine God gave you to create a world of abundance for others. You will struggle to maximise your potential if you are more interested in showing off your talents, than getting the job done. It seems smart people are obsessed with looking for new ideas that nobody else has thought about. They want to win a medal for their brilliant ideas. You will tap into your creative power if you focus on your mission. And you go all out to find proven ideas you can use to achieve results.

History is littered with tales of smart people that spent their lives pushing ideas that never worked. At the same time, you see not-so-smart people lighting up their world with simple ideas that work. They start with a simple idea, and over time, their ideas evolve into something special. If you want to watch over your world and steer it towards a better future, you can begin right away. With simple ideas that work. If your goal is to do something cool, you will never begin. Ecclesiastes 7:29 (GNT) says, “this is all that I have learned: God made us plain and simple, but we have made ourselves very complicated”.

A watchman must value the practical over some vain grandiose project. You don’t have to be recognised as the smartest person in the room. Live with a simple mindset that achieving your goals is what counts. Keep it simple. Do not waste your time looking for never-before-seen ideas. The idea does not matter. The most important thing is that the job is done. In a way that satisfies the requirements with as little trade-off as possible. With humility, and an excellent spirit, God will increase you. And your creative instincts will kick in.

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