Stop Looking For New Ideas

There is nothing new under the sun. You do not need something new to make something new. Your goal is not to make something new. Your goal is to steer your world towards where God wants. The goal is to solve problems, influence society, and create wealth. Keep your approach simple and practical. If you are more interested in showing the world your genius, than solving their problems. It does not produce any meaningful results. Find your contentment within the confines of the known. As you apply them with an excellent spirit, you will find good success.

Jesus did not create his own scriptures. He read the ancient sacred writings like anyone else. You would have expected someone as powerful as Jesus to discard the old under the pretext of ushering in the new. He did not. When the devil tempted him, he quoted the scriptures like anyone else. When he was called upon to read in the synagogue, he opened to what we now know as the sixty first chapter of Isaiah, and began to read. He extracted lessons from the existing scriptures and distilled them into his trademark parables. Jesus breathed life into the ancient, sacred writings. He did not resign to some cave for ten years, trying to create new scriptures that were better than the existing.

Stop looking for new ideas and start applying existing ideas to the problems that plague your world. There are no brilliant ideas waiting for discovery. New ideas do not form within a vacuum. As you set out to do some good work with all your might. You will continue to find and apply better ideas in your work. You need to gain clarity around your mission. There must be a clear statement about the result you want to achieve. Once you are clear about that, you must now search for everyone that has ever attempted to do something like that before. Study their works, read their books. Begin to apply whatever you learn. You don’t need something new to get started.

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