Align Your Economic Vision With Heaven

You do not need a special vision from heaven to see that God is not pleased with economic inequality. It is a recurring theme in the Holy Bible. From the laws of Moses to the Psalms. From the Gospels to the Epistles. You cannot ignore the idea that God wants a society defined by righteousness, justice and mercy. This is the kind of society where the weak and the poor can get a chance at a better life. You can align your economic vision with what would please your Father in heaven. You can create economic opportunities in your world.

God is on the lookout for people that are willing to keep a watch over their world. A watchman that understands heaven’s perspective on these matters. And will not shrink back from doing justice. It is the mindset that counts, not your current station. If you align your economic goals with the goals of heaven. The enablement to perform will come upon you from heaven. You start by understanding that “whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed” (Proverbs 19:17 ESV). When you join the crusade against economic inequality by empowering the poor, God will empower you.

There is a difference between poverty and not having money at the moment. Poverty is a spirit. A poor person is not just about not having money. It is about lacking the ideas and motivation to create wealth. So, you might not have paper money to give to the poor. Yet, you can enrich their lives by shining the light of heaven in your soul to their own darkened souls. If you take responsibility for empowering others and creating jobs for them. Heaven will bring the resources required to you. Don’t worry about your own condition. You cannot remain poor if heaven uses you to create jobs and make others rich.

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