Your Role In Tomorrow

The future called. They need visionary leaders. There is a lot of room for righteous and just people to watch their world and do work that matters. The future does not only require leaders and seasoned professionals. They also require labourers and slaves. Here is the idea. It is not too hard to figure out the kind of future that is aspirational, and that people can be genuinely excited about. It should not be too hard to figure out the kinds of people that can drive such a future. When you are able to define that future and the personality requirements, then you can take up the responsibility to become that person.

This is a good time to revisit the folktale about belling the cat. All the rats knew their salvation requires one of them to place a bell around the cat. However, none of them was willing to take the responsibility of belling the cat. Even though it promised a better life for the others. Citizens of African countries like Nigeria for example, have been complaining about poor leadership for over three decades. It seems like none of them cares enough to find out what makes a visionary, selfless leader and commit to the process. Compare that with Ezra, the biblical character. Ezra knew that in the future, his nation would need a skilled scribe to teach and enforce the laws of Moses. He worked hard and positioned himself for that. (Ezra 7:1-10)

Tomorrow is nothing more than a stage play with a lot of actors. What role will you play? Here is an idea for you. What if you make it your dream to make it possible for hundreds or thousands of people to sleep well at night; take things easy, because they know you are watching their world. They know that you are creating more jobs for the community. You are creating value in the marketplace. They see how much of a positive influence you are, and they glorify your father in heaven. You need to decide on the role you want to play in the future of your family, community, industry or city. Once you decide, get to work. People are depending on you.

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