Go Ten Years At A Time

You are not a fully formed adult unless you can comprehend, think about, and plan out ten years into your future. If you consider your day-to-day productivity, you would be disappointed. You cannot do much in a day or a week. Your consistency in the long run is the secret of great achievements. You need to close your eyes for a moment. Then add up ten more years to your current age. You should possess some idea about the direction your life would be headed by that time. What can God make of you in society if you work with a ten-year window?

You cannot succeed in life, business or ministry without understanding how to think, prepare and plan for the long term. The biggest names in politics did not rise into prominence in less than ten years. The biggest names in business did not become popular overnight. Google search was already the best search engine in the world before you heard about it for the first time. Companies that earn billions of dollars in revenue have been around for more than ten years. A short-term mindset will doom your plans. You will become impatient with the results, and you will give up too soon.

Think about what you were able to accomplish over the past two weeks. Compare this with how much progress you have recorded within three years. This should motivate you to elevate your perspective. You will see that despite the highs and lows of life, overall, you kept moving forward. Consider what your life would look like in ten years, if you set a ten-year goal. Come up with a result you can only get if you choose to work with a ten-year window. You break the ten-year goal into three-year parts, and then into single years. So, as you go about your work everyday. You can understand that it will add up to something special.

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