Your Actions Will Deliver The Future You Want

The great thing about the future is that nothing is set. Your future is the cumulative of your thoughts and actions in the present. By the grace of God, and through your act of faith, you can own the future. The worst approach you can adopt for the future is to wait and see. The future will not take care of itself. You will lose. Think about tomorrow, today. What is good about today? And how better can it become tomorrow if you continue to put in the work, while fighting off the demon called “instant gratification”?

The idea that your future will be better, is nothing more than wishful thinking. If you are willing to get off your high horse and investigate root causes and effects, you will see the truth. The biggest companies, organisations and institutions dominating your world today evolved over time from very humbling beginnings. The most visible personalities dominating the conversation today, started working towards it, ten years ago. So, today does not belong to you because yesterday was not maximised. The good news is that you can begin to do something about it now. Someone realised that his country was dependent on imports for everything, and so began to take steps in favour of local production. You can dominate your industry if you think and plan ten years ahead.

In the passing of time, your problems will not disappear. If you owe a bank some money, the money does not disappear just because it has been five years. It is either paid off or not. Time does not solve problems, it is the application of wisdom that will solve your problems and position you for a better future. You must work hard for the future you want, it will not be handed to you on a platter. This is a great time to gather intelligence around your mission. The world cannot steer itself towards a better future. This is something you must take responsibility for. What do you want the economy of your world to look like in twenty years time?

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