The Journey To Higher

Deep down, you want to become your most creative and productive self. You want your soul to journey to a higher plane of existence. Away from the mundane things that dominate the consciousness at a lower level. You want to do your best work that glorifies God. Your journey to the higher life requires a kind of spiritual transformation. You will not find it through physical or material things. The pursuit of this kind of spiritual thing could be confusing. Most people have settled for mediocrity, and cannot understand your hunger and thirst for something higher.

A higher life is a richer and more satisfactory life. There is no satisfaction to be found in food, alcohol, clothing and housing, but some people will never sit down to listen to you while dealing with hunger pangs. They ignore that inner voice calling them to go higher. Jesus taught on this, explaining that it was useless to worry about tomorrow, or things like food and clothing. Your energy should rather be focused upon seeking the Kingdom of God and its righteousness. However, some people will insist they need their basic needs met, before they can join you on your crusade to transform your world.

Whoever finds his [lower] life will lose it [the higher life], and whoever loses his [lower] life on My account will find it [the higher life] (Matthew 10:39 AMPC). Your journey towards something higher is not enhanced by your physical possessions. True spirituality begins when one understands emotional detachment from physical possessions. So, as long as you hold on to your lower life and its values of mundane, greed, corruption, selfishness and materialism. You are not going to follow through on your quest for something higher. The higher requires you to understand love, selflessness, and taking responsibility for others. You cannot buy your way into the higher life, but you can begin to embrace the discipline.

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