Just Create Something, Even If It’s Trivial

Your end goal is to change the world, and that is non negotiable, but you need to consider something. There is a chance that right now, you lack the knowledge, skills and resources required to make an impact on the world. If you are not powerful enough right now to change the whole world, think about your world, a sphere of human activities where you are powerful enough to make a difference. Then get started there. It does not have to be big, perfect or even beautiful. You just need to get started with your mission to beautify the world with your talents.

Do not sit idly, waiting for the grand project that will make you a superstar. You will never qualify yourself for that with an empty resume. You need to take the advice of the Ecclesiastes, “whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might”. The goal right now is to put your single talent to work, get a return on it. Then the Master will increase you, and grant you two talents. You take those two talents, and work with it, using all your might. One day, he will hand you cities to govern (Luke 19:11-27). Think about your life as a series of projects. You start small, with whatever your hands find to do.

As you do the little things within your reach, and do them well. God will empower you some more, so that you can do greater things. Your goal right now is to build momentum by making something. Sit down, pray, study and meditate. You will identify a simple project you can execute right now, something you have enough knowledge, skills and resources to do. You might have to start in private to build confidence. David defeated the bear and the lion in private before taking on Goliath publicly. What you create is not as important as the fact that you are creating something. It is not about what you are building right now, it is the mindset behind it that we need to encourage.

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