The Center Of Your Relationships Should Not Be Human

At the center of all human relationships should be God, and a devotion to divine principles of righteousness, mercy and justice. You want to love, associate or do things with people who consider God to be the center of their lives. When you do business with a God-fearing person, you can go to sleep with full confidence that you will get a fair deal. When you build a home with a God-fearing person, you know you will experience heaven on earth. Everything human gets corrupted over time, and decays. However, if your relationships are centered on God and his timeless principles, you will avoid that corruption and decay.

Take a second to think about what Jesus meant when he pointed at his disciples and declared that they were his mother, brothers and sisters (Matthew 12: 46 – 50). As far as he was concerned, his family connections began with doing the will of the Father in heaven. When the relationships in your life are centered around family ties, it will lead to sentiments. Over time, sentiments evolve into mediocrity, rot and decay. It does not inspire us towards our best. When we love ourselves without any regard for God, we will lose our sense of fidelity to God. Any relationship worth having must have God at the center.

Our coming together must be first and foremost unto God. Then human beings that share in the love and principles of the same God. There is always going to be some skepticism when you are yoked with someone that does not share your faith or enthusiasm for God, and his timeless principles. The original sin of the people building the tower of Babel was that their project had no place for God. So much energy and potential were coming together to do great things, but it was for the vanity of men. Relationships that will keep standing over generations must be centered on God.

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