Looking For The Good In Marriages

There is no good or benefit to getting married anymore. At least, if Hollywood and social media is to be believed. It is quite clear that the concept of marriage is under attack. Gone are the days of people that are actually happy and fulfilled in marriage. Marriages these days are for dull and ill-advised people. The message is clear; if you want to be free and happy, skip marriage altogether. If you decide to risk getting married, be ready to abandon the ship at the first opportunity. Gone are the days when one got married “for all of time and eternity”. Not every marriage will be heaven on earth, but getting married is the very foundation of the human world and we must defend this institution.

Destroying the concept of marriage due to bad marriages is the equivalent of eliminating all doctors because of quack doctors. The logic does not work. The argument has no basis. Like everything human, there will be a spectrum of great marriages to emulate. And bad marriages that should be dissolved. There are heaven-on-earth, great marriages. It is inevitable also that there will be hell-on-earth marriages. We should not trumpet the worst amongst us as the ideal. The common sense approach is to set the standard and demand that people step up to the challenge. It is an illusion to think humanity will be better off without marriage.

Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life (Proverbs 4:23 ESV). In this age and time, you need to guard your heart and be very careful of your information sources. It is not a smart move to make important life decisions on untested philosophies. It is better to be a respectable wife and mother than to aspire to become a baby-mama. A man should turn his heart away from selfishness, and get ready to build a home with a sense of duty to God and mankind. Marriages work very fine today if we approach it with the Holy Bible as a guide. Marriage has no chance if your sources of information are poorly plotted, mischievous movies. And hungry bloggers looking for some advertising revenue.

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