Something Higher Is Calling

Since the call of Abram, out of his father’s house to a land God would reveal fully, only after the journey begins. God continues to call people. He calls you out of your comfort zone. Out of the cosy place you feel safe, and 100% in control. God calls you out of the familiar, away from the mundane and to a life of adventure. You will never find a sense of purpose by concentrating on the domestic affairs of life. Purpose requires you to take on a burden for your world. You have to watch over your world and steer it towards where God wants.

There are no crowns awaiting the coward that turned down the opportunity to carry a cross for Christ’s sake. When God calls you on a journey of faith, remember that your glorious purpose awaits on the other side of that journey. To succeed, you learn to depend more upon the providence and grace of God. If you are living a life of low stakes. If your life currently revolves around issues, problems and situations that you can solve with your own brilliance and resources, what do you need God for? Are you sure you are living for a higher purpose?

Christianity is not a call to bland religion. Where we sit around in fancy buildings, fraternizing with friends, and learning how to be polite, law-abiding citizens. Christianity is a call to an active life, a disciplined life of missions. Will you take up the call to go on a journey of faith? Will you volunteer to take on the important task of steering your world towards where God wants? This is no easy undertaking. Recall that Jesus died a disgraceful, unattractive death. He was crucified like a notorious thief or bandit. Apostle Paul was labelled a pestilent fellow (Acts 24:5). The prophet Amos was resisted and came under pressure to relocate away from where God had posted him (Amos 7:10 – 15).

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