Bask In The Joy Of Your Creations

There is nothing, absolutely nothing that beats the joy that comes from creation. When you create, giving life to something that had not existed before, you feel something inside. When you see people getting value from something you created. It elevates you to a different level altogether. The story of creation talks about how on the sixth day, God reflected upon his work. He was pleased with his creations. He evaluated his work and concluded that it was very good. In the same way, you are able to evaluate your work, and derive pleasure from the act of creation itself.

Deep down, you are wired to create. Every human being is a creator. Worst case scenario, you become a co-creator of another human being. Parents look at their children all the time, with a sense of awe. A deep spiritual sense of “look at the human being I helped to bring to life”. You possess this ability because you are an image-bearer of God. You have the same creative nature of God inside you, and every day, it yearns for expression. Creativity is a pleasure, an experience you owe yourself. It will require discipline. You might be wasting too much of your creation power on your sexual appetite for example. Worse, you cannot focus long enough to give life to a project.

Today is a great day to make a decision. Decide that you will create every day. Embrace the discipline that is required to channel your God-given creative talents every single day. At the close of the day, reflect upon the works of your hands. Ponder upon your creations, evaluate them, and with thanksgiving, consider how you can improve your performance. If you want to experience the beauty of creation, be ready to seek out the truth of every matter. The Almighty God adjusted his work later on when he got the feedback that it was not good for a man to be alone. Feedback improves your creative output.

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