Faith Requires You To Do The Thinking

If you find an idea you believe in. Do the thinking. Figure out what it would take to make the vision a reality and commit to the process. Buckminster Fuller once said, “faith is much better than belief. Belief is when someone else does the thinking”. Stop pretending that the great technologies you want to invent, the companies you want to create will become a reality, just because you believe it. You must be ready to do the thinking. Noah did not only predict the world would end in a flood, he also found out what could be a solution. Then he developed his mind enough to invent the ark. Noah is a complete man of faith.

A spiritual leader once declared to his followers that he had a vision that someday, his events would be beamed live across the world. After some decades, the vision became a reality. By 2021, their flagship event was watched live in more than 100 countries around the world. Beamed through internet technologies, cable television, and radio. He believed it, his followers believed it. However, they allowed someone else to do the thinking. Someone else developed all the technology that powers their outreach, even though they had the vision. Take Nigerians as an example. They believe that their country has great potential and that the future is bright. The problem is that very few Nigerians are ready to do the thinking and act in faith.

You have to stop thinking great things happen through random, unexplainable series of events. Great things do not happen by accident. They require decades of planning and execution. You must be ready to do the thinking. If you have ever thought about the future, and become convinced about certain things. You should consider committing to the process required to make it a reality. It would have been a tragedy if Noah predicted a flood, but never acted in faith by doing the thinking. Faith is intelligent, faith requires you to think about how these different pieces of the puzzle fit together. Apostle James made it clear that our beliefs are not enough, we must act in faith (James 2:14-22).

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