You Cannot Ignore Or Sidestep People And Building Relationships

When you develop the knowledge, discipline, and capacity required to do great things. You become strong enough to get things done without requiring help. There comes a temptation to write off people and relationships. There are the dumb people that cannot understand your lofty goals. The undisciplined ones that will frustrate you with their indiscipline. People will cheat. They will steal. They will constitute the biggest weakness in your projects. Nevertheless, you must not think you are good enough or powerful enough, that you will side step the need for relationships.

The purpose of any enterprise is to serve people. Even if you run a for-profit company. Your company makes money by catering for the wants or needs of enough customers to stay afloat. If you lead your life, your watch or your business with a sense of superiority, you will lose touch with the people you wanted to serve in the first place. You need to understand that your main goal is to serve as many people as you can. And that humans are first and foremost illogical, emotional and complicated beings. You will have to work for people that are not as gifted as you are. You will have to live and play with family members that do not understand your strict regimen. There is no scenario in which you will always have your way.

It is healthy to maintain gratitude for the chance to develop knowledge and skills above the average human. It is a good idea to develop your potential to its maximum. However, you must make relationship building a priority. The god-level knowledge and capacity you have is useless without the necessary access and authorization to act. You will have to deal with people. And the best way to deal with people is building relationships with them. If your mission is to steer your world towards a better future, you want to increase your social intelligence. You must be able to build and maintain the relationships you need to deliver your mandate.

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