Your Business Is A Mission From God

The idea that starting a business is a quick way to make a lot of money is false. You can confirm this fact from anyone that has run their own business for at least 3 years. In the short term, you are going to make more money by getting a job than by running your own business. The reason you want to start a business is because your business is a vehicle through which you advance your God-given mission. Your business is a vehicle for change, it provides the opportunity for you to steer the people in your world towards a better future.

What separates businesses that fail within the first 2 or 3 years, and businesses that continue to grow and strive is a sense of mission. Your mission gives you an incentive to keep going. It gives your business a spiritual purpose. We need businesses with a mission to eradicate illiteracy by building high quality schools. Media businesses on a mission to champion positive values through their entertaining programming. Think about technology companies that are able to scale globally due to the need to take their mission across borders and boundaries. If a company like Google was only interested in making money, there would be no need to operate outside North America and Europe.

You should approach your business as a mission from God. God has given you stewardship over some people and people-groups. You now have to figure out how best to serve them. This is your sacred calling. You would work harder and be more passionate about your business when you realize that this is more than just trying to make money. This is your opportunity to change the lives of people. You have to embrace this mindset. When you do, you will begin to notice superior results in your business. And this is the mindset that unlocks wealth.

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