Escalator to Heaven

One of the greatest mistakes made by people who are working for God in non-church, non-religious workplaces is that they do not see a need to pray. They pray much less than their counterparts that work in more traditional church and religious workplaces. The scam here is the mindset that their work is purely an intellectual affair, and there is no need for spirituality. This is not true. Whether you are working in church planting or business development, you need equal grace, wisdom, power and proper education for maximum performance. We all need to spend time with God and draw from the throne of grace.

Martin Luther said, “I have so much business to do to-day, that I shall not be able to get through it with less than three hours’ prayer”. This is the very opposite approach of most people. Most people would say, “I have so much business to do to-day, that I can only spare five minutes for prayer; I cannot afford the time”. However, Martin Luther thought that the more he had to do, the more he must pray, or else he could not get through it. This is a deep and profound mindset that is strange to the carnally minded.

Spiritual activities like prayer and meditation operate like an escalator. This is a mental picture inspired by Jacob’s ladder to heaven (Genesis 28: 10 – 22). Angels ascending and descending onto the scene evokes the image of an escalator. Spirituality empowers us to escalate issues to the headquarters above and receive the encouragement, and enablement we need to proceed. You need to understand the logic behind prayer. It is acceptable to put a project on hold for two weeks while you prayerfully contemplate the direction to take. This will save you more time and resources later on. You need to leverage this escalator to heaven more often. For if you insist on driving without stopping to refuel, you would soon come to a stop of a far more serious kind.

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