On Outgrowing Relationships

There is always a chance that you outgrow a relationship. We all know that in the passing of time, people, situations and circumstances change. In the passing of time, what was right and perfect becomes wrong. One day, you wake and realize that you are locked in the wrong relationships, wrong jobs, wrong partnerships. You feel trapped and it begins to look like there is nothing you can do about it. Moving on almost seems impossible and there is no clear path in sight. However, it is your responsibility to remember that you can move on. You are the average of the people you spend the most time with. You must always curate the list of people in your personal space.

One major reason we cultivate relationships with people is for vision and support. The reality is that it is impossible to achieve massive success single handedly. You will need to draw strength, inspiration and warmth from your tribe. This is something you need to remember as people, situations and circumstances change over time. When your relationship with someone no longer empowers you for your best, what is the essence of the relationship? If in the passing of time, you realize that you are no longer headed in the same direction as them, it is best to move on.

We see Andrew switch masters in the Holy Bible. Andrew was an adherent of John the Baptist, when John indicated that Jesus represented the next move of God on the earth (John 1:35 – 42). Andrew did the unthinkable and jumped ship. He did not allow his emotions or sentiments to get in the way. It is not about being selfish and wanting to move on. It is about catching a glimpse of a vision that appeals to your heart and wanting to respond to it. Andrew brought Simon to Jesus. Simon (Peter) went on to succeed Jesus as the leader of their movement. Perhaps it is time to reevaluate your relationships? Are they still doing what they are supposed to do?

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