The End Goal of Spirituality

The end goal of spirituality is intelligence. The intelligence that empowers you to better navigate this world. Anything else is a call to bland religion. Religion is important because it helps to give people hope and the strength to face tomorrow. However, a true spiritual experience is empowering and positions you to channel the light of heaven upon the dark world around you. It is time to move beyond vague spiritual experiences that are nothing more than cheap theatrics. The purpose of Christian life is not solely to die and go to heaven. There are great things that can be accomplished on earth, and spirituality has a role to play.

You cannot be spiritual just for the sake of being spiritual. Spirituality is not an end in itself, it is supposed to lead to something else. The outpouring of the spirit on the apostles and disciples was not the end, it was rather an empowerment to fulfil their assignment. The Holy Spirit does not kill people and send them to heaven. The Holy Spirit rather empowers people to get things done, on this plane of existence. Anywhere the Bible mentions a person being filled with the Spirit of God, we usually observeĀ  an increase in productivity. Joseph, Bezalel, Daniel are three excellent examples from the Bible. You see how they were able to generate intelligence through their spirituality.

Your spirituality is expressed through service, craftsmanship and self-discipline which you master over time. Your pursuit of the spiritual will break you, humble you and then positions you for knowledge and truth. You are able to generate intelligence around the issues that are of interest to you. This enables you to demystify complex matters of life. The spiritual person is superior to the carnal person because there is a potency in their heart that manifests through superior thinking, genuine selflessness and superior works. It is not about mystic visions or babbling in unknown languages. At the end, spirituality must produce the intelligence required for greater productivity.

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