Prepared to Make a Difference

You need to look inwards and consider how prepared you are for the things you want to do. There are a lot of opportunities for you to succeed by your contribution to society, but it is the prepared person that can maximize such opportunities. A favourite example is Ezra. We learn that Ezra had devoted his life to studying the Law of Moses, and mastered it, so as to teach it to the people of Israel. (See Ezra 7:10) Ezra knew that someday, the captives would return to their homeland. And when that day came, he knew they would need a teacher and so, he positioned for that.

John Maxwell, the worldwide acclaimed leadership expert wrote about his journey in his book; Leadership Gold. “In 1964, at the age of seventeen, I started reading and filing thoughts on the subject of leadership, because I knew leading was going to be an important part of my career. At age twenty-two, I held my first leadership position. In 1976, I became convinced that everything rises and falls on leadership. That belief was accompanied by a passion to be a lifelong student and teacher of this vital subject.” John Maxwell had positioned himself for effective leadership from a young age of seventeen, even though the first opportunity to lead did not materialize until five years later.

When you think about your life’s journey and the things you want to do, a big part of the conversation should revolve around your preparation. It is not enough to watch the world and identify the defects, problems and opportunities. You should also think about what kind of interventions would be needed, and prepare yourself for execution. A lot of countries (like Nigeria for example), suffer from a lack of mighty leaders that understand stewardship and governance. It is not enough to know this as a fact. Like Ezra and John Maxwell, you should prepare yourself for leadership. If you are convinced that the future needs a witty inventor that can design and create anything, start preparing yourself right now.

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