Lean Towards Problem-solving

The quest to solve problems and improve the human condition is what fuels exploits of creativity and inventiveness. Without such a mindset, you will not get into the deep end of creativity. The challenge here is that you have not been taught to solve problems. The prevailing mindset is to make money and then buy whatever is needed. You seem to have very little need for craftsmanship or any sort of original thinking. As long as you continue to think this way, you will not be empowered to tackle problems.

Technology is nothing more than a technique for solving problems. Technology solves problems in a way that is consistent, sustainable and scalable. That is all there is to technology. It cannot be a coincidence that the wealthiest people in the world are considered to be technology entrepreneurs. If you take a step back from drooling over their billion-dollar net worth, you should see that they are tackling the biggest problems in the world. Elon Musk is solving problems around energy, transportation and increasing mankind’s productivity. Jeff Bezos works in retail, commerce, media and space colonization.

African nations are poor because they do not have a culture of problem-solving. Centuries of slavery and the associated colonization seems to have subdued the African to resort to seeking help from external influences, rather than developing solutions internally. Africans are not trained to invent technology, they seem content to buy solutions and technologies from you-know-where. I hereby challenge you to change the narratives by embracing problem-solving in the true sense of it. The first step is for you to understand that money doesn’t solve problems. Money helps you to buy the time of someone who can solve the problem, or a solution packaged as a product. Problems are solved by application of knowledge and wisdom. Both of which are available to any serious minded person.

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