Never Forget Your Role

A watchman must be very conscious of their role in steering their world towards a better future. Operating as God’s agent, channeling the grace of God upon a dark, greedy and corrupt world. One of the great blessings you enjoy is the gift of being incorruptible. You refuse to conform to the world. You are strong enough not to be persuaded to do something that violates your conscience. There must be a conscious sense of purpose in service. The world continues to move towards corruption, but you operate and exert yourself to push in the opposite direction.

We see people standing out in this way everyday. The great Inventor George Washington Carver famously took responsibility for the prosperity of the farmers in his days. At great personal cost, he taught them how to increase the yield of their farms. And also gave them ideas on how to increase the utility of their crops after harvest. You observe people like that every day in every facet of life. It is more impressive when you consider the fact that they do this without appearing self-righteous or condescending in any way. They are simply standing up for the truth they know. They are committed towards doing the good they know to do.

Even if the world goes mad, you are expected to maintain your sanity. You operate as an ambassador for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20), and as such, you have to hold yourself to the highest levels of accountability and discipline. An ambassador must be accountable to the government they represent. Your first accountability is to God and not human beings. This does not mean you are not accountable to people, but it means you are not negatively influenced by them. You rather define and redefine what is possible. You uphold the faith and challenge the rest of us to higher standards and excellence.

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