Higher Than The World

It seems obvious that people living without the influence of Christ are drawn towards a lifestyle that tends towards lawlessness and destruction. They are destroyed by human passions fuelled by greed and lust. You need to realize that the world pulls us downwards towards mediocrity. They are lost and groping in the dark. There is a great difference between people that are influenced by godly virtues and those that are not. You must be conscious of these facts and realize that you have what it takes to light up your world.

I am sure you can easily identify a thousand and one things wrong with your world – your family, your fellowships, your community, or your nation. It is normal for disorder to increase in any natural system overtime. However, as Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” We cannot expect the people that created the problems to also solve it. If they had the light required to solve the problem, they would have avoided the problem in the first place. They are only human and finding a higher level of consciousness isn’t always doable, especially when one is driven by human passions.

Therefore, it is up to you to shine the light of heaven upon your dark world. You should never be content to just complain or murmur about social and economic problems in your world. You can do something about it because you operate at a higher consciousness than the consciousness of the worldly people that created the problems initially. If your spirit is dominated by heaven, your soul will operate at a higher consciousness than the world around you. This is why you must consistently renew your mind by focusing on godly values and ethical attitudes. You must grow into a higher consciousness that tackles the breakdown of the world around you.

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