Don’t Lose Your Momentum

The concept of sin is important. While the grace of God empowers us to do incredible things, sin pulls us back. Sin blocks us right now from maximizing our lives. I have long argued that spiritual purity is important, even from a strictly business point of view. You must exercise restraint and be on the watch to ensure that you do not engage in things that would make you lose the grace of God. Whether it can be proven scientifically or not is irrelevant; we know that the grace of God is very real and tangible.

Certain kinds of people can afford to lead a reckless life. They are consumed by their lust and are forever locked in a sin-and-repent-again cycle. Such a lifestyle does not work for the watchman. You are not looking at being holy enough to make heaven. You are channeling God’s grace into the dark world around you in an active way. Contemporary history and the bible as well is filled with examples of people who did things that made them fall from grace. They rose fast and shined bright as shooting stars. However, they die out just as suddenly as they started. Sin wrecked their trajectory at their finest hour.

It is important to understand that there are things you do that make you lose your momentum in life. And there are things you do that help you maximize your life and build up even more momentum. God cannot be mocked, the soul that sins is cut short. Wicked and greedy souls cannot continue to think that by just reciting a creed as often as they can, they would continue to enjoy the best of sin and grace at the same time. This is simply a religious fantasy and it is wrong. When you sin, God will forgive you but you are losing momentum. Sin-now-repent-later does not work for the watchman. Sin is just too expensive for any business-minded watchman. You will lose your momentum.

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