Take It Hard

A good way to describe a watchman is someone that takes things hard, so that others can take it easy. The overall goal of a watchman is to take responsibility for steering all of us towards a better future. They have to take things hard. You need to realise that anytime you are able to take things easy, there must be someone else that has done the hard parts. Good governance is about embracing the hard work of creating systems and institutions that work so that people can be empowered to better take charge of their affairs. If you are serious about functioning as the salt and light of the world, you have to take things hard.

Stop dreaming about the impact your work could have. Start working towards the impact you want to have. We always tend to underestimate just how much work is required for us to actually get desired results. A real watchman doesn’t brag publicly about their work ethic and how they are working for over eighteen hours everyday. However, you would do well to pay attention to their work ethic and how their life revolves around their work. While most “normal” people are happy to work “9 to 5”, which works out to eight hours a day, forty hours a week, people who make a difference work much harder than that.

There is hard work to be done by a few inorder for the majority to “enjoy” an easy life. Jesus famously died for our sins, redeeming our lives and giving us a chance to become children of God. You can relate to the parents that did all they could in order to make life easier for their children. The children of Israel got a chance to escape slavery and return to their promised land only because Moses and his team took things hard. Everybody that made their mark in life did so by embracing the hard work others are avoiding.

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