Something Spiritual That Drives Your Success

There are three things that will help you succeed in life. You need to renew your mind and develop a better mindset. With a renewed mind, you must seek the means to increase your productivity. However, with all these, you need to obtain the grace of God. You need to realize that renewing your mind is not all that is required. Thinking positive or thinking big in itself yields nothing without the proper work ethic. Nevertheless, above all, you need the grace of God. There is a spiritual blessing that brings you favour and goodwill amongst men. Something spiritual that makes things ordinarily outside your control to go your way.

I have long held in suspicion people who insist all they have accomplished is by the grace of God. However, as I have journeyed through life, I see the appeal of giving all glory to God. You simply cannot take all the credit or attribute everything to your mindset and above-average productivity (See 1 Corinthians 15:10). I realize that today’s Billionaires also understand this and many of them have an understanding that the wealth they have was entrusted to them by God (aka Providence) for the betterment of mankind. While you might insist they are not all Christians, we cannot deny that they enjoy a grace that is of God. A full discussion of this is outside the scope of today’s devotional.

The first step to attracting this grace of God is to understand that life is not about you. Keeping a watch on your world and having that desire to serve as salt and light of your world is a great step. You will never attract grace beyond the scope of your watch. If your concern and watch is limited to your immediate family members, you will obtain grace at that level. People who cry out to God to empower them to solve problems at a global scale obtain grace at the level they seek. Life should not be centred upon you and your immediate family only. Don’t fail to obtain God’s grace. 

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