We Are All Stewards And Servants

One of the more popular parable of Jesus is the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25: 14 – 30). So, here’s a plot twist: they are all stewards. The master and the three servants are all stewards, operating at different levels of accountability. The first servant had to account for five talents, the second servant had to account for two talents, while the third man had to account for a single talent. The master, however, had to account for all eight talents. It is easy for us to lose this important perspective, however as a watchman, you must retain this principle in your spirit at all times: I AM BUT A SERVANT.

This parable makes it clear that the talents were distributed “to each according to his ability”. In other words, the servant receiving five talents today must have proven their ability to govern and effectively manage at that level. The person that received a single talent had not yet been tested, and this was probably their first project for the master. The master did not hand over a single talent because he hated the servant or wanted them to fail. On the contrary, we should understand that the master was showing faith by investing into this servant despite the fact that this servant had no track record. When you understand this principle, you will stop complaining and grumbling about your lack of power or resources.

All you have right now are all you can govern and manage effectively. You don’t put a novice in an office (1 Timothy 3:6). When you maximize your productivity with the currently available resources, God (the LORD of Lords, the MASTER of all Masters) will make more resources available. At all times, whether you have been apportioned a single talent or five, understand your accountability and that if you do well, someday, you might have eight talents available to distribute amongst three subordinates. The master has to account for all eight talents to a higher authority as a steward himself.

The Watchman must understand accountability to God, and service as a leader amongst people. I AM BUT A SERVANT.

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