Stop Moping Around And Get Useful

You’ve heard the clarion call over and over again: life should not primarily centre upon your own wants. We know, we know – life isn’t perfect, and you have a lot of needs, and this is completely true. You have to eat, drink and shelter yourself adequately for example. Keeping body and soul together. Deep down, you know that you are meant for more than this and that you should have some kind of contribution to society, but you think you cannot do that right now. You want things to get perfect first, you want to get rich first, because right now, you don’t have everything you think you need. This mindset is wrong. 

People don’t give, take on responsibility or step up to serve in a leadership role because their lives are perfect, and they have it all figured out. There is nobody out there that has everything they think they need. The same way you mope about, complaining about your poverty, and lack, they could also choose to do the same. There are enough pity stories to go round. The idea that you would become a better giver or be more open to serve others in the future is not entirely correct. Becoming more selfless and more willing to share is a decision, becoming a leader is a decision. 

We do not find fulfilment in the things we get, but the things we give. There is no quantity of money, food, clothing, shelter etc that would bring you long-lasting fulfilment. It is simply human nature. An unhealthy obsession with yourself will only sink you lower into the depths of dissatisfaction, as you will consistently identify needs and your inability to fill them. Stop moping around and get useful, become the change in the world you pray about. It is up to you to decide to mature, grow up and become less selfish.

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