Prayer Brings Enlightenment

Prayer is a spiritual practice that will help you move from total spiritual darkness to complete enlightenment. Prayer is not just about drawing comfort and strength to face the battles of life, a critical effect of prayer is that it helps you awaken your mental faculties and a spiritual desire to improve. If you search deeply and intently, you would realize that spirituality is what drove creativity and productivity all over the world. From one continent to another, from one race to another, as the people embraced true spirituality, we see clearly how it instigated creativity, productivity and an insatiable appetite for excellence in the hearts of people. This is still possible and attainable today as long as one prays properly as taught in the scriptures. 

Prayer is able to achieve this because in the prayer room, you are exposed to the unlimited power of God and can begin to obtain better perspectives on things. Prayer is not exclusively about what God can give within the context of physical possessions, but also about a transformative experience. As one prays, meditates and contemplates the Word of God and life’s issues, you see divine providence at work and learn to trust some more. When you stop praying as a religious obligation and begin to pray result oriented prayers bound within the will of God, you will begin to feel the need to add knowledge, reason, and rationality to your devotion and faith in God. 

The beauty of prayer drives the spiritually minded person to pray more. Prayer is not some dull and menial activity, but rather an exciting and active affair they truly find productive. The effective watchman does not pray out of religious obligation, but sincerely understands that prayer is a productive endeavour that really helps to shine the light of heaven upon issues. Religious prayers on the other hand are drudgery and weary the mind over time. You must be ready to believe that there is no problem that cannot be resolved in the prayer room. And as you consistently pray, meditate and contemplate about the matters at hand, you will shift gradually from cluelessness and darkness into enlightenment and as you engage your reasoning faculties, you figure things out.

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