Does It Start And End With Prayer?

We can seemingly summarize the religious mind-set as “cast your cares upon your god” and go to sleep. The idea that you simply pray about everything and anything and expect a miracle. A miracle in this case would refer to some important developments that just happened without any human intervention. This mind-set is actually dangerous as it places all the responsibility on God and completely absorbs the person of the need to do anything. The time has come for you to no longer be content to merely pray about issues, but also signal to heaven that you are willing to become empowered in order to deal with it. 

You might have heard the saying: “there is no free lunch in Freetown”. There is nothing that happens on the earth without the need for God to use a person. The Almighty God is not simply some wish granting Genie that exists to give us anything we want, when we and how we want. Prayer is not really about us praying for what we want, it should be more about praying to find out the judgement of God over every matter and then, get into alignment with it. Any serious minded person must understand that part of our prayers should be prayers for wisdom in order to understand how to act. 

You cannot continue to merely pray and sit still doing nothing. That is an unproductive thought that is actually unbiblical. You don’t pray for socio-economic miracles and go to sleep. So, do you really want to watch the world? Do you really want to steer us towards a better future? Are you the light of the world we have been waiting for? Then you have to understand the need to put aside your personal interests first and make the common good of the society your top-most priority. Are you willing to become empowered to cause the change in the society, or are you content to merely pray about it?

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