The Spirituality Question

There will never be any progress or advancement in a community until they have a critical number of Spiritual people. This is because spiritual people understand what it means to work with God for the common good of everyone. They are driven by selflessness, love and taking responsibility for others. A religiously minded person can not be an effective light of the world or watchman, they must become more spiritual.  Are you truly spiritual or merely religious? 

To explain the concept further, here’s an extract from my book: UNLEASH YOUR INVENTIONS: THE SECRET ORIGIN OF CREATIVITY AND INVENTIONS: 

The easiest way I have found to distinguish between both is captured in the following sentence. The religious mind-set says “God will do it for me”. The spiritual mind-set says, “God will empower me; make tools available for me to get it done”. 

Religion says there is something out there, incomprehensible and completely beyond us. Let us try to be on their good side, appease them with gifts and sacrifices, stay in line and all will be well. The mind-set being, “How do I please God and stay in his good books?” Spirituality says there is something out there. I am one with that force, I am in union with that force. Spirituality leads you to critical thinking and excellence. The mind-set being, “How do I channel more of God? How do I improve my performance today than I did yesterday?” 

The religious person declares “Jesus will do it” and goes to sleep, but the spiritual person understands clearly that it is human beings on this plane of existence that enforces every mandate of heaven on the earth. God requires someone to keep watch over their world. Someone to “stand in the gap” and look out for the collective interest of the community. Even though God is all-powerful and sovereign, it is very clear that there is a role human beings have to play. Our prayers matter, our works matter, and if nobody steps up to do the work, nothing gets done. 

Watching the World begins with that commitment to lead with selflessness, love and taking responsibility for the advancement of your world. This is true spirituality.

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