Why Prayer Matters To The Watchman

The importance of trusted spiritual practices like thanksgiving, prayer and meditation must never be in doubt. There should not be a time when the validity and relevance of such ancient practices are called to question. A critic might be quick to suggest prayers don’t do anything, it is taking practical actions that cause changes. While such a line of thinking might appear reasonable, it is misguided. The spiritual realm is higher than the physical realm, and it is the former that controls the latter. Spiritual practices like prayer open us up to the possibilities that exist and provide the much-needed guidance, spiritual energy and strength required to carry on. 

A true change agent realizes the enormous challenge ahead and understands clearly that, “This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer.” At the same time, they understand that changing the world requires careful planning, strategizing and flawless execution. For a true watchman, it is not this or that, it is this and that. If you are truly working on steering the world towards a better future at a scale that matters, you would need to constantly pray. A business or organization that changes the world doesn’t just happen. You pray as if prayer is the only activity required, and then execute your thoughtful plans as if you can make a difference primarily through your efforts.

Thinking that praying is not a “practical action” towards progress is a misguided mode of thought. Prayer is work, hard work. It is the first step in a long line of steps a Watchman needs to complete. There is a need to sensitize people to the need to understand that spiritual activities and prayer is merely the first step on the path to socio-economic transformation. These are the activities that make the grace to get things done available. Grace is as important and tangible as any other asset or resources required to get things done. We need to stop thinking prayer is unnecessary at worst, a religious obligation at best. Nope. Prayer is THE KEY, prayer is the master key.

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