The World Cannot Steer Itself

Every advancement we experience as a collective (the human race in this context) and every setback we experience is always down to someone, somewhere. Someone made some important scientific discovery. Someone starting an enterprise to deliver solutions to more people. And someone else got greedy and as a result, they ruin the lives of many. There will always be someone or a group of people who are responsible for getting things done. If you are not part of the solution, you are automatically part of the problem. 

The world cannot steer itself towards a more peaceful and prosperous future. 

Show me a Watchman and I will show you someone who takes responsibility for others. Things don’t just happen, it requires someone to take up responsibility and drive it by the powers of their will. You have to be ready to take responsibility for something or a group of people. The idea that you have identified something that absolutely should be a part of our future, and you are serious enough about it to see it through. Every vision, every idea, every “work of God” will always need someone to midwife it spiritually, intellectually, and it eventually makes its way into reality. 

So, what are you responsible for at the moment? Something that’s greater than you. This conversation is not about your personal affairs. A watchman lives for something more than their daily food, drink, clothing and personal comfort. They have taken responsibility for something that on the surface is none of their business. Everything you enjoy today is a fruit of the valiant efforts of some people down history lane, and now, it is your turn to prayerfully ponder upon what meaningful contribution you will make to the society in your own days. 

The world cannot steer itself aright, someone needs to look out for the world and steer it towards where God wants it to go.

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