The World Cannot Save Itself

The world; the human society we have created, has seemingly lost its way. When you take a look around your society and reach a conclusion that the levels of injustice, poverty and illiteracy observed are not fair. You have identified that there is a problem here that needs solving. Problems with the world’s systems, whether they be economical, governmental, religious or cultural, can be solved. The only important point to note is that you do not solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it. 

That is why the world cannot save itself. 

You do not need to think or research too deeply before you realize that today’s world and its economic, governmental, religious and cultural systems are all man-made. Someone proposed them at some point with good intentions (presumably), but over time, those ideas might have peaked or got corrupted over time. To solve these problems, one needs to channel a higher intelligence than the one that created the problems in the first place. It takes God working through a yielded vessel. A watchman realizes that it is time to dig deeper and, yes, save the world. The world can be redeemed by anyone who is selfless enough to take on the responsibility. 

16 “For thus God loves the world (the universe; the ordered arrangement; the organized system [of life and society]; or: = all mankind), so that He gives His uniquely-born Son, to the end that all (or: everyone) – the one habitually believing, putting confidence and trusting into Him – would not lose or destroy himself, or cause himself to fall into ruin, but rather can continuously have eonian life

17 “For God does not send forth His Son as an Emissary, or Representative, into the world (or: System; aggregate of humanity) to the end that He should continuously separate and make decisions about the world, but to the contrary, to the end that the world would be delivered (or: that the System could be healed and made whole; that the ordered arrangement should be restored to health; that the aggregate of mankind may be saved – rescued and re-established in its original state): through Him! 

John 3:16-17 (JMNT)

This portion of scripture is Jesus stating clearly his mission to deliver the world, heal the world and make it whole again, restore the world to health. Some may think that these are things that would happen after rapture, but they are simply misguided, as anyone can investigate the scriptures themselves and see that Jesus never mentioned that saving the world happens after rapture. Not at all. I think the bible makes it clear enough that you are expected to function as a salt and light of the world right now, not after the rapture. This is the true mission of Jesus. 

It is up to us; you and me, to take responsibility and fix this world. The world cannot save itself. Where are the stewards of the Almighty God?

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