That Grace Might Abound

Long-lasting success requires grace. You will notice this pattern clearly when you analyse the lives of the most successful people of all time. Some people refer to it as luck or good fortune. Others prefer to use the word “God” directly. The bottom-line is that good success is always going to be more than following a bunch of step-by-step procedures to attain desired outcomes. There will always be events and circumstances that favour us, and we just cannot explain away. We’re grateful it happened, but cannot fathom why it turned out that way. This is why we should prioritize getting in alignment with grace. Make grace work for you. 

The first step to making grace abound towards you is to understand that life should not centre around you and your personal, selfish desires. You begin to understand the power of grace when you understand the need to serve the greater good. Having an ambition to do something is not inherently evil, but we must be careful to align our private ambitions with some greater good. The easiest way most people do this is by giving towards charitable courses. It is good and laudable, but a true watchman goes beyond that. The one that serves as a Steward of the Almighty God strives for complete alignment with the will of God. 

Thinking that all we need to do is to give money towards evangelism or other charitable causes is a gross simplification of this idea. Aligning with the greater good doesn’t mean that you have to run a non-profit. Some of the greatest lights of the world at the moment are actually running for-profit businesses, but they understand their stewardship and serve the greater good. So, you can run a for-profit company and still be in complete alignment with the will of God. Grace abounds towards you in whatever you are doing, when you embrace selflessness and align yourself with the greater good.

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