The Secret Principle Behind Every Purposeful and Meaningful Life

One of the greatest and most fulfilling change someone can experience is when their perspective changes from “me” to “we”. Traditionally, we are trained to focus on ourselves and getting what we want. The entire society seems to incentivize you to pursue your goals as ruthlessly as you can without sparing a thought for others. You need to be there for yourself, to protect your own interests and advancements. You want to create income streams for yourself and become more comfortable over time. However, this obsession with yourself and your goal violates a spiritual principle: life should not be about you. 

The most important lesson anyone can learn is to understand that life should centre upon something that is greater than yourself. Especially when you consider yourself to be a watchman, someone that yearns to function as a salt of the earth; light of the world. Principally, you are not lighting up the world for you to enjoy a better life. You’re rather pouring out yourself so that others can enjoy a better life. I like thinking about this as you take it hard so that others can take it easy

What will keep you going in life is the sense of purpose you can make out of what you do day in, day out. That obsession to do something that matters, something that will matter, is wired deep into every human being. You’ll realize that life is really about creating meaning, and meaning doesn’t come from what you get; it comes from what you give. When you focus on giving your time, skills and resources towards putting out fires, or crushing the mountains that have hindered the progress of many, you will find purpose and also position yourself for profit. You will eventually get everything you want when you begin to help others to get what they need.

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