Your Vision Can Go Global

There is something eternal and timeless about a true vision. Your vision comes from a place where there is no scarcity, no time, no limits or restrictions of any kind. Every single constrain around your vision was introduced by your mind on this plane of reality. It is all in your head. If you can develop the capacity, there is no reason you cannot scale your vision globally. This is essential because you get to change more lives that way. It is NOT your vision, it is God’s vision that you are channelling from heaven and actively cooperating with. You have to take it further.

With the proper perspective, you will be able to lay a firm foundation for your vision. A foundation that enables the vision to outlast generations and touch lives positively across the globe. It begins with the understanding that you are not here to merely “do what you can” or even to “do your best”. You want to alter the world forever through your vision. Nothing else would do. The tricky thing about a vision is that because it is being generated from nothing, there is always a chance that we end up constraining a divine vision within our current level of understanding or resources. This is truly a mistake, because your vision has a wider range of application and can bring about much more change than you are thinking. 

I think the top two things a visionary should get done is to give the vision a firm foundation and help it build up  momentum so that the vision can find greater expression. There is no vision that cannot go global, but you must commit to the work. The best way to get into this mind-set is to prayerfully ponder on what it would take for this vision to change the lives of one million people. This is easy to do, simply find out if your vision is applicable to a million people and from practice, we know the answer is more often than not, a yes. Build the capacity to design and execute your vision at the level of millions. 

Do not be in a hurry to see your vision manifest. That haste is bad for business because it will lead to making decisions that look great in the short-term, but are actually horrible in the long-term, all things considered. The vision that will go global would need to slowly develop strong roots first. It is going to take humility and patience to build something that will last. Humility helps you to keep things in proper perspective and that way, you don’t end up stifling the progress of the vision as it outgrows your mind. A vision is spiritual, and its limits are not determined by God. The scope of the vision is determined by us and how far we are willing to sacrifice for this vision.

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