Building your vision from nothing (2)

A true visionary must learn how to build something out of nothing. Without this mind set to build from nothing, the vision runners will gradually water-down the vision until it fits comfortably within what they think their resources can handle. When you understand that you are building from nothing, it brings the perspectives you need to succeed, and you can focus on the most important things. How to generate all the daily activities required for a complete manifestation of the vision. And how to attract every single resource, asset or leadership required to move things forward. Building from nothing means you define the vision first and then try to attract everything you need later on.

Every human being can create something out of nothing, but only few of us would ever focus long enough to actually do so. The big challenge here is that most people are conditioned to go through life without any need to create something. They simply follow the path as laid down, no original thought required. Most people cannot create anything because they do not need to. A visionary must be creative and learn to create from nothing. The understanding that despite not having enough skills, resources or assets to get this done, one must find a way. A visionary must realize the need to be mentally ready to create from nothing and to understand how it is done.

How does one draw upon the invisible? How do you draw upon spiritual resources to drive the vision? It is as simple as having to prioritize spiritual activities over physical activities. That will ONLY happen when you have the perspective and understanding that everything physical, every resource or asset available to you, is actually generated from the spiritual. And when you do more spiritual activities, you’ll be able to create even more room for you to succeed. The vision came from above and always requires faith and a dynamic spirituality to keep it going. When you embrace the idea of “create it from nothing”, you’ll be able to open up yourself to greater possibilities unlike ever before.

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