Building Your Vision From Nothing

A lot of God-given visions turn out poorly. The execution fails to reflect the beauty and splendour of the original ideas that got things started in the first place. We usually identify lack of knowhow and resources as reasons for failure, but it is deeper than that. Poor execution is the result of a lack of perspective around vision execution. The visionary who gets the job done is the one that understands that birthing a vision is all about creating something from nothing. Trying to hit a target that no one can even see in the first place.

An avalanche of teaching and testimonies has made seeking out a vision-driven life appealing to many. However, living a life centred upon birthing a vision is not as glamorous as one might imagine and it is certainly not a stroll in the park. There are times one will not have the required resources. There are times one will be clueless, confused and lack clarity on the way forward. This is normal and to be expected as one matures from dreaming up a vision and on to implementing the vision. There is nobody out there, NOBODY that has all the resources and knowledge they need. A visionary sooner or later learns patience and resourcefulness.

Primarily, it is not about having $5 or $5 million, it is about having enough faith in your ideas. You cannot save up money towards running a vision. A real vision will always be mightier than what you can get done with your personal resources. You will always need much more than that to get it done. You will have to approach your work as if you want to create it from nothing. This is a mindset that greatly empowers you for the journey because once you understand this “create from nothing” business, you are unstoppable. Running with a vision requires that you master how to draw upon something spiritual (unseen, invisible) and drive your vision from there. 

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