Embrace Your Potential To Impact The Business World

By faith, we share Abraham’s blessing. This blessing takes many forms in our lives. One can manifest as the stars of heaven or as the sand at the beach (Hebrews 11:12). Therefore, whether you choose to find your place among the stars or to settle down into the dust, you are still a partaker of the Abrahamic covenant. Congratulations. You have the potential to be a star, performing with excellence and being the salt and light of your work. You can have an impact at any level. Working in education, media, entertainment, business, and government.

You can bury your potential to make an impact in the business world. Choosing to play at a much lower level. You are fully within your rights. However, Matthew 5:13 states that if you are supposed to “salt” the earth and fail at that task, you are no longer good for anything. But to be thrown out and trampled on. Develop the strength and quality necessary to join the ranks of the business world’s elite. Develop yourself enough to light up the world. You should be wielding the power of God in the marketplace, and deep down you know this is true.

Are you being humble? Or have you just been mediocre at business? Humility is not the same as mediocrity. You possess the potential to shine brightly and make a significant impact in the world. Whether you choose to soar among the stars or embrace the humble path, you are a partaker of divine blessings. However, settling for mediocrity in the business realm risks squandering your potential. Strive to develop the strength and integrity required to excel in the marketplace. With diligence and God’s guidance, you can illuminate the world with your talents, fulfilling your calling and leaving a lasting legacy of positive influence.

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