Pursue That One Result That Will Power Your Mission

Identifying the best result to validate your mission is crucial for progress. Fulfilling your mandate requires clarity on what truly matters. Understanding the reality that there will always be over two hundred things you could be doing; countless tasks vying for your attention, prioritizing wisely becomes essential. Our time, energy, and resources are limited, but ideas, and the things we could be doing are unlimited. This shows the importance of discernment. You have to figure out the major result you need right now. By focusing on outcomes that propel our mission forward, we ensure that our efforts yield meaningful impact.

David’s journey to kingship exemplifies the importance of identifying key results. After his anointing, becoming captain over 400 men marked a pivotal moment (1 Samuel 22:1-2). This transition from solitude to leadership propelled him forward, as his army became instrumental in fulfilling his destiny. Recruiting and training those 400 men was the most important result he needed. Similarly, the Apostle Paul’s admonition in Philippians 3:13 “this one thing I do” emphasizes the importance of focusing on what lies ahead. As David and Paul did, let us prioritize key results that advance our mission.

Just as Aliko Dangote strategically built an independent power plant to overcome Nigeria’s unstable power supply before venturing into manufacturing, we must identify the essential component necessary to power our mission. By focusing on this critical result—like securing reliable power for your factories—you lay the foundation for achieving your broader goals. Just as Dangote Group’s foresight enabled them to thrive in challenging conditions, discerning the main goal empowers you to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities. Through deliberate action and strategic planning, let us prioritize the key result that propels our mission forward, making all other endeavors possible.

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