You Have To Physically Start The Things In Your Spirit

It is important to recognise that one’s future possibilities are limitless. There are numerous possibilities for how the future will play out. However, you must maintain a preferred picture of the future. This idealized image of your future is your vision. And you must start what you have finished in your mind. In your mind, you have the final picture of where all of this will lead. In the physical world, you must get it started. You have to start what you’ve already finished in your mind. You have to finish whatever you have started physically.

According to our theology, humans are made up of three parts: spirit, soul, and body (the physical). A kind of Trinity. This demands that we balance out all aspects of our existence. It is critical to understand that nothing happens in the physical world until you focus and complete the task. You can’t keep your head in the clouds, daydreaming about the great and mighty things you want to do someday, unless you get out there in the physical world and start. Once you start, you have to maintain focus, and make sure you finish.

In the realm of the spirit, you could wave your hands and perform magic. But in the real world, you have to sweat and work. There are no shortcuts, and you must commit to the task. Just because you speak in tongues and see visions of angels doesn’t mean you don’t have to work things out physically. Paul wrote to Timothy, explaining that unless he fully committed to the work, his progress would never be visible in the real world (1 Timothy 4:15). You must focus on the race that Jesus has set before you (Hebrews 12:1-2). A single race. Focus on one thing and do the work.

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