I Still Better Pass My Neighbour

Nigerians are making waves globally, especially in music, with Afrobeats captivating audiences worldwide. Universal Music Group (UMG) , the largest record label in the world with $10 billion in revenue per year, acquired a majority stake in Mavin, a Nigerian music powerhouse, for a significant sum. Some of the biggest churches in the world are headquartered in Nigeria. Similar success stories abound in film, fashion, startups, and academia. Despite this, Nigeria itself struggles with poverty and instability. The paradox begs the question: why does a country with such talented individuals lag behind?

Nigerians excel individually, but there’s a lack of collective identity. Instead, a mindset of “I Better Pass My Neighbour” prevails, fostering individualism over communal progress. This echoes Judges 21:25, where without a king, everyone did as they pleased. In modern Nigeria, this leads to lawlessness and disregard for governance. Without a unified vision, progress remains fragmented, hindering the nation’s advancement. The challenge lies in fostering a sense of national unity and shared purpose, where each Nigerian works not just for personal gain, but for the collective prosperity of all.

It’s been argued that it’s better to be an average citizen of a great country than to be a great citizen of an average or mediocre country. Instead of pursuing individual greatness in a mediocre nation, you should prioritize national impact. Nigeria’s potential is vast, but it requires collective effort and visionary leadership to realize. By working for the peace, glory, and advancement of your nation, you create a better future for all. Let’s reject the status quo and strive for systemic change. Together, we can transform Nigeria’s global success into local prosperity. Heed the call to pursue God’s will for your nation, placing the common good above personal success.

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