Finding Hope Amidst Nigeria’s Economic Challenges

The Bible makes it clear that each and every one of us is free to do whatever we want. However, we do not have the freedom to choose the consequences of our actions. As Nigeria deals with its severe economic crisis, a closer look reveals that it is the result of decades of economic mismanagement. The day of reckoning has arrived, and it is not a pleasant sight to see. With inflation at 30% and food inflation at 35%, the economy is hurting, exacerbating the situation. Recent protests reflect widespread dissatisfaction with economic conditions, as Nigerians express their concern about rising prices and declining living standards.

Nigeria’s economic crisis has exposed flaws in the country’s institutional capacity to develop and implement effective policies. Petty politicking, institutional fragmentation, and bureaucratic inefficiencies have hampered the government’s ability to address systemic economic challenges and respond effectively during crises. In theory, the two main causes of the economic downturn, subsidy removal and Naira floating, are good ideas. However, the system is corrupt and lacks transparency and accountability. Details around the subsidy removal remain shady and riddled with controversy. The general feeling is that people are suffering for nothing, with no end in sight.

Citizens have taken to the streets, urging the government to press a magical button that will return things to normal. That will not happen because there is no button to be pressed. Nigeria is a poor and mismanaged country. And now, the bill is due and we all have to live through it. The Nigerian crisis is primarily a leadership problem. Something you can handle because you are the salt and light of our world. We must reject political or tribal narratives that promote further disunity. This is the time to pray and ask the Lord for mercy, wisdom, and strength to rebuild the desolation of many generations.

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