The Journey To Becoming Sons of God

What does it take to become a true “son of God,” as described in Romans 8:18-19? How can we embody the qualities required to fulfill this noble calling? To be sons of God means more than just a title; it’s about being spiritual beacons, to serve as the salt and light of your world. Bringing light and solutions to challenges you can find in your community. This transformation calls for dedication, humility, and a strong desire to live according to God’s principles. We can become vessels of His love and instruments of His peace, using our creativity and spiritual gifts to have a positive impact on those around us.

Manifesting as a son of God on earth isn’t solely about displaying visible signs of power or performing extraordinary feats fueled by prayer and fasting. While these practices are essential, there’s a deeper requirement outlined in Jeremiah 9:23-24. The passage emphasizes that true glory comes from understanding and knowing the Lord—embracing His attributes of righteousness, mercy, and justice. This means embodying these qualities in our daily lives, demonstrating compassion, fairness, and integrity in all our interactions. Becoming a son of God isn’t just about outward displays of creativity and your gifting. It’s about living in alignment with God’s character.

Amidst the journey of striving to become sons of God, do not be misled by the allure of external displays of power and diverse manifestations of spiritual gifts. Instead, focus on cultivating the value system that aligns you with God’s heart and purposes. The great works performed by Moses, such as leading the Israelites out of Egypt, were rooted in his deep understanding of the ways of God (Psalms 103:7). Thus, true transformation comes from embracing God’s character and wisdom, allowing His principles of righteousness, mercy, and justice to guide our actions and decisions. These principles get us on the path of becoming true sons of God.

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