Turns Out There Is More To Life Than Coitus

According to the CSS Teens & Screens 2023 report from UCLA, young Americans are more interested in seeing stories of platonic relationships than those featuring coitus and romance. This call for less emphasis on coitus and romance on screen echoes a deeper longing for meaningful connections and genuine relationships. Young people today, particularly Generation Z, are expressing a desire for stories that prioritize platonic bonds and showcase diverse forms of companionship. This shift reflects a growing recognition of the value of building fully formed, proper relationships beyond romantic entanglements. As we observe this societal trend, it prompts us to reflect on the quality of our own relationships.

In the midst of a media landscape often dominated by sensationalized portrayals of romance and sexuality, the longing for narratives centered on platonic relationships signifies a yearning for authenticity and depth in human connections. It is a reality check, a return to sanity. The abundance of shallow depictions of romance in mainstream media has led many to question the true essence of love and companionship. It may have been entertaining and provided viewers with an escape from reality, but that era appears to be coming to an end. In real life, you must focus on ways in which you can cultivate connections that enrich your lives and those around you.

An actor in a two-hour film never has to deal with the consequences of their actions. However, in the real world, your decisions and actions tend to stick with you indefinitely. Therefore, you should stop approaching friendships and relationships with a “two-hour” mindset. It is essential to recognize the importance of nurturing meaningful friendships and fostering bonds built on mutual respect, understanding, and support. True fulfillment is found not in fleeting romances but in the enduring warmth of genuine companionship. Remember, “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity” Proverbs‬ 17:17‬ (‭ESV‬‬). You need more deep, meaningful relationships in your real life.

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