Are You Still Leaning Upon Jesus Or Not?

In challenging times, our reactions often lean towards frustration rather than prayer. It appears that we would rather cry, shout, kick about, and complain, rather than pray about the circumstances. While church attendance and support for God’s work may continue, the question lingers: are you still truly a Christian? Is your faith a living force in your daily life, or have you outgrown the reliance on spiritual sustenance? In the midst of life’s troubles, it’s a crucial reflection on whether faith remains an active, guiding force or has become a ritual divorced from your everyday reality.

In the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced world, finding a moment to sit down and have a sincere talk with Jesus becomes a rare commodity. A scenario whereby prayer is nothing more than a formality. The serene conversations where we pour out our concerns, bottlenecks, hopes, and aspirations seem elusive. We have inadvertently replaced the calming silence where we draw strength from the Lord with the noise of our own frustrations. In the midst of life’s challenges, the precious practice of sitting in quiet communion with Jesus often gets lost in the relentless clamor of our daily pursuits.

In your reactions to adversity, and through your conduct during hard times, the core of your beliefs is revealed. Showcasing whether you merely profess faith or actively live it. Do you have faith in the Almighty God to see you through, or have you become your own god? As a creative and quick thinker, you are more likely to lean on your smarts and wits over the leading of the spirit. If you are rich in cash and materials, you are likely to turn to then over saying a word of prayer. Your smarts, money, and friends should never replace your reliance on God.

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