Lean On The Experiences And Insights Of Others

When you reflect on your actions and decisions, you realize that you haven’t always been correct. Perhaps you were correct 15% of the time. Perhaps you were correct 35% of the time. A track record of losses as a result of your actions and choices suggests that you are not as awesome, smart, or invincible as you believe. This is compelling evidence that you should take apprenticeship and mentorship seriously. You wouldn’t need teachers, mentors, or masters if you’re super awesome and every decision you made was always the right one. Don’t play with mentorship if you realize you’re more likely to fail and make poor decisions without it.

The Bible teaches that two heads are better than one, yielding better returns on their efforts (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10). If you’re right only 35% of the time and your mentor is right 85% of the time, the synergy results in more favorable outcomes. Over time, learning from your mentor enhances your decision-making abilities, a powerful transformation. As the Bible states, “one will chase a thousand, but two will chase ten thousand.” Embracing this concept is a perpetual boost to productivity. It underscores the value of collaboration, mentorship, and the collective strength that emerges when wisdom is shared.

So, dispel the notion that working alone is superior. Making every major life decision independently isn’t a measure of intelligence. While your pastor, prophet, or spiritual guide may not always be infallible, submitting to their authority holistically increases your likelihood of success. Negative outcomes attributed to blind submission highlight the need for discernment rather than faulting the system itself. Embrace the wisdom and guidance others offer; it’s a humbling acknowledgement that, as humans, we thrive when we lean on the experiences and insights of those who have walked the path before us. Go and work for someone before starting your own. Seek mentors, collaborate, and be discerning in your journey.

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