Guard Your Soul Against Fake News And Online Garbage

In a world saturated with misinformation, the call to action is clear: prioritize reading sound books over social media hot takes. You should be aware that the majority of the news stories, articles, and social media posts you encounter on a daily basis are not written to educate or even inform you. They are primarily written to generate likes, shares, comments, and other forms of engagement. The more contentious and sensational it is, the better. It is your responsibility to guard your heart with zeal by feeding your soul timeless truths. Your productivity depends upon the measure of truth in your spirit.

According to the Bible, a good person produces good works from the good treasures of their heart (Luke 6:45). If you continue to feed your soul with the garbage of social media and clickbait articles on the internet, your heart will become full of garbage. A person whose heart is full of junk cannot produce anything useful. Engage with reliable sources that provide depth and insight, cultivating a discerning mind. By choosing wisdom over sensationalism, we guard ourselves against the pitfalls of fake news, ensuring our minds are anchored in truth.

You must consciously feed your gem of a soul truth in order to develop virtue and knowledge. You must train yourself to seek the good, the true and the beautiful. Fake news is a serious issue. Its insidious nature distorts reality, resulting in a distorted view of the world. This distortion affects our minds, influencing our decisions and actions negatively. When building a business or advancing a career, falsehood breeds failure. Discipline yourself to seek out and study well-written books on topics of interest to you. It is the key to girding your loins with truth, and structuring your mind for exploits.

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