Repentance From Eye-service And Unto Purposeful Contributions

Each role you play at home, church, or work is more than a label; it is an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution. This is your opportunity to contribute to God’s work, and you must take it seriously and perform well. The Bible instructs us to approach our tasks with the mindset that we are doing them for God (Colossians 3:17). We are actively serving God; we are his superstar agents, reflecting and enforcing His will wherever we go. If you approach your work with the intention of pleasing the Lord, you will easily pass human scrutiny.

You need to be sensitive to the roles you are currently playing. Your current roles reflects the times and seasons of your life. They serve as a clue to understanding your purpose. In one season of life, you are a son; in another, you are both a son and a father. You will eventually become a son, father, and grandfather. The idea is similar to Ecclesiastes 3:1, which says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Each role is a season, and understanding its significance leads to a more purposeful life.

Do not act like a hypocrite who is praying for their purpose while being careless with everything they are currently entrusted with. Why is it so difficult to see that doing the things you’re currently entrusted with well already fulfils your purpose? The roles God has assigned to you serve a greater purpose. The key is to commit to doing it well. This will transform you from a depraved sinner obsessed with self to a child of God radiating the love and light of heaven around you. So, list all of the roles you currently play at home, church, and work. Then make certain that you do it well.

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