Set Meaningful Spiritual Goals

When people see our good works on earth, Jesus says they will praise and glorify our Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16). We can then see that our spirituality is a means to an end rather than an end in itself. Examiners, like teachers, do not count and reward hours of study; they only mark and grade the work that is submitted. In the same way, it doesn’t matter how many hours you spend in prayer and fasting. At the end of the day, it is your good works that count. Your productivity is all that matters.

Jesus had a reputation for doing good wherever he went. He was solving problems and adding value. He lived a deliberate and productive life. Highly successful learners brag about their excellent results rather than their long hours of study. Nobody cares how many hours you spent in prayer, study, and meditation to develop virtue and knowledge within. What is important is that there is a need in your generation, and the Lord can rely on you to meet that need. People are walking in spiritual and physical darkness. They are battling illiteracy, poverty and diseases. These problems are opportunities to show what you can do.

The gift of the Holy Spirit and spiritual expressions, including creativity were intended to equip us to do good. Your job is to do good by solving problems and adding value at a high level. As a result, you should set measurable objectives. Do not merely desire spiritual experiences such as exotic visions and hearing voices. Set meaningful goals that, if met, will have a clear, measurable impact on your community. No one heard about the transfiguration of Jesus until after his death (Matthew 17:9), because that was never the point. What problems in your world are you trying to solve by application of your spiritual experiences and gifts?

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